Provider Outsource is a billing service deeply tied in with the medical industry. Like other services, we offer printed and electronic bill payment services. Customers can make payments by mail, pay online, or calling our toll-free number.

As a result of the overwhelming number of “self-pay” accounts that has been growing within the medical industry, we have developed a billing service program specific to serving these customers. Research within our client base has found that nearly thirty-five percent (35%) of medical services do not have health coverage, and even though its only 35% of your volume, it consumes approximately 60% of your customer service time and budget.

Not only does this take up most of your payroll time, it also reflects heavily on your financial costs as a result of repetitive contacts and invoicing. Customer Service Center, Inc. has been fashioned to handle these exact accounts through automation and streamlined processes that continue to satisfy all the necessary contacts and invoices the customer requires to satisfy their account balance as a billing customer.

Providing electronic means of payment and recurring payment services, allows for prompt pay plans that stay on track, and eliminate many of the repetitive phone contacts to your staff. In addition, our outbound dialing capabilities allow for us to communicate to a volume of customers very efficiently and maximize your “billing” returns.

All of this equates to one thing for you the client, more cash flow! Reduced internal overhead, higher account yields due to volume contact capability, automation of pay plans, possible insurance information obtained for filing, and finally all at a much lower contingency fee than collection processing.

Advantages to outsourcing medical billing.

  • Outsourcing Allows More Focus on Patient Care
  • Reduces Billing Errors
  • Outsourcing Saves Money & Improves Cash Flow
  • Reduce the number of denied and rejected claims due to billing errors

By outsourcing your medical billing, you could save thousands of dollars in salaries, medical insurance, office supplies, purchasing and or upgrading billing software.

Professional experienced medical billers ensure your claims are accurately submitted on time, every time. The purpose of the medical billing company is to provide medical billing services.

Focusing more time on what you do best by concentrating more on patient satisfaction and providing excellence in quality care to your patients. This is advantageous specifically with smaller physician groups that cannot afford a large medical office staff. Physicians cannot be efficient at providing excellent patient care if they are bogged down by the financial side of the running a practice.

Make more without spending more.

When you choose Provider Outsource for managed billing, you pay for an affordable and predictable percent of collections. You see your reimbursement quickly and we have analytics to back up our metrics.

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